How to Enjoy Your Life in Southern California to the Utmost

It’s easy to move to Southern California and love life. The perpetual great weather is certainly awesome and the great food options are also plentiful and omnipresent, so what’s there to learn? Just live life and you will win! But there are some tips that are not self evident that will help you make the most of your new life in the part of the country that’s most perfect. No matter what, you will post on your Facebook and people will be jealous, but how do you make sure that what they’re jealous of is not just a plastic representation of your miserable life? There’s how to genuinely be happy and love your life in Southern California.

Drive in Style


Like it or not, Southern California is a fairly materialistic area of the world and if you drive a boring or lame car, you will be spotted by all as boring and lame and that will not help anyone. In fact, that will hurt you, hurt you to the core. So you have to make sure you get a cool car, and since you probably can’t afford that Lambo just yet, you might want to consider getting yourself into a Fiat, which you can do for a reasonable price over at santa monica fiat. These cars don’t cost a lot but are zippy and are cool, and no one will be able to scoff at you for driving something like that, so might as well be the first on your block with an awesome Fiat. Enjoy one at OC Fiat.

Hit the Beach


Unless you live right on the water like in Santa Monica or Venice Beach, it takes a bit to get to the actual ocean. And it can be months between visits if you let it be – don’t let it be. Even if just for an hour or so, make it a point to hit the oceanside retreats at least once a month, or twice for optimal awesomeness. You won’t even need to have your phone on,you can put it in airplane mode and then just stare at the ocean for an hour. It’s recharging and important for those of us who live in this land. It would be a shame not to take advantage.

Taco Trucks


LA and all of Southern California is lucky to not only have so many taco trucks, but so many great ones that are staffed by actual Mexicans who know a thing or two about some tacos. If you put in your time and effort, and ask around, you will soon find the best taco trucks around, and which meats are particularly good at one truck as opposed to another, and where the best salsas and hot sauces are. You can even expand to the cheaper Mexican places that aren’t necessarily taco trucks, like the 7 Seas place on Sunset. With just the slightest bit of work, you will soon be the king or queen of tacos in all of LA!