Buffing Up Your Paintwork

If you can’t afford a bright, shining new car don’t worry, there are lots of used cars in San Bernardino for sale, and with a little bit of advice, a few pieces of equipment and a little effort you can buff up the paintwork so that your car shines like a new one.
Walk into any auto store and you’ll see shelves loaded with car cleaning and polishing products, but do you need all of them? What do they mean? What’s the difference between a compound and a polish?
Don’t worry, read on and all will be revealed?
The Best Cloths for Buffing
There are two basic types of cloth you will need for buffing, micro fiber cloths and terry cloths.
Terry Cloth – is used for drying the car after the initial wash, cleaning glass, cleaning the tops of convertibles, applying tire dressing and interior cleaner / protector.


Micro fiber Cloth – is used for removing compound (more of that in a minute), polish and wax although you do need to use a separate cloth every step of the way.


What Is Compound For?
A compound is a mildly abrasive product which is designed to remove the tiniest amount of paint from the surface of your car. It can be very effective to remove light scratches, oxidation and swirl marks.
You can use a compound with a random orbital polisher and foam compounding pad on a high speed setting working in small sections across the surface of the car. Remove the compound with a micro fiber cloth.
What Is Polish?
Polish enhances the gloss and shine of the paintwork of your car. It adds brightness, depth and clarity to the paint finish. This should be used with a random orbital polisher and polishing pad at a medium setting. You can work in larger sections with polish than is advised with compound. Again, you should remove the polish with a different micro fiber cloth.
Some polishes also contain a mildly abrasive compound which will clean the paint as well as polish it but the majority of “”pure”” polishes do not contain any abrasive materials at all.
What Is Car Wax?
Car wax is essential the sun screen for the paintwork of your car. It prevents oxidation, gives UV protection and seals the paint from environmental elements. It should be applied by hand using a thin foam pad although some people prefer to use a machine applicator at a slow speed. This can be applied to the entire car in one go and must be left to dry before being removed using a micro fiber cloth.


Of course, before you start polishing or buffing up your paintwork you must give your car a good, thorough wash. It’s a good idea to work with two different wash buckets, one containing soapy water and one with plain water. Dip your wash mitt or cloth into the soapy water, wash the car, wring out the cloth then drop it into the clear water to rinse away the dirt before starting on the next portion of your car.
You will be surprised at the quality of the finish you can achieve by just following these basic instructions and putting in a little bit of time and effort. Your car may never look quite as superb as the shiny new ones for sale at Metro Nissan Redlands but it certainly won’t be far off.
If you are selling a car you can literally buff hundreds of dollars onto the value by following these tips too which is always nice to know.